Porto Day

Our vision for the future of Porto!


To present Porto’s rebranding and new business strategy in an impactful way

The rebranding of Porto and its vertical was presented in the first edition of a virtual experience conference broadcast by the company’s Youtube channel along the lines of large international summits that have an impact on different audiences.

The creative strategy was guided by the concept of phygital experiences and the project was developed by a multidisciplinary team, during a 6 months pre-production with more than 200 professionals involved.

The virtual conference was broadcast by the company’s Youtube channel. We received over 10,000 entries through the landing page of the event and the company’s Youtube live received 20,000 simultaneous views. The broadcast has more than.


Porto Day gave us two Prêmio Caio awards, 1st place in both categories: Live Technology and Online Product Launch.